About us

Within RÉÉ’s logo, you can explore our culture and philosophy; RÉÉ’s logo has a combination of values and emotions inspired by our people, RÉÉ’s colors and our exotic pre-hispanic roots. Discover the meaning of each letter by clicking on them.

Mexican Pink / Magenta. Inspires gratitude, prosperity, maturity, femininity and support to others.

IX (Wizard) Represents Enchantment, Timelessness. Light and gatekeeper, who opens the doors of magical dimensions.

Green.Cult for life, fertility, good health,
hope and development.

KAN (Seed)Represents Targets, Flowering. Creative power of wisdom, reproduction, fountain of ideas and perception.

Orange. Energy, intensity, tastes & aromas.
To live worthily.

AHAU (Sun) Represents Enlightenment, Universal Fire. It creates a luminous triangle (trinity), which will have the ability to raise consciousness in the world.

Trinity RÉÉ “I am, there is no other” #iamthereisnootherRÉÉ